Moderate Depressive Episode

Moderate Depressive Episode

 Depression this is a term that we all use these days. This is a quite common term and the usage might differ but we all must understand that depression is a quite serious term and thus avoid using it everywhere and for everything.

Secondly let’s get deep into what is depression actually. There can be numerous instances in your life when you feel sad. Now, we all know life has it’s own share of ups and downs and you cannot feel happy every day. So, there will be a time in your life when you would be feeling sad and it’s quite normal and nothing which can be avoided. Now, feeling sad is quite different than feeling low. You need to be able to distinguish between feeling low and feeling sad. This will help you to actually access your mind status. So, let’s now come to feeling sad. You can feel sad because of some event or someone you lost or may be anything else. But you need to know that this is momentarily and you will soon be out of this phase. But there are people who are unable to get out of this phase and they find themselves trapped in sadness and that’s for quite a long time. You start feeling empty inside and that is the time you know that you are suffering from depression. Of course it might take some days for you to realize that you are suffering from this but once you realize you need to act fast than continue feeling depressed.

There are three major types of depressions –

  1. Mild Depression – Mild depression is the state when you are depressed but still you are carrying on with your day to day activities. You might feel sad but still you are able to hold yourself together and work accordingly.
  2. Moderate Depression – Moderate depression is all about feeling low and you are unable to perform your daily chores. You might be unable to go to your workplace and might be feeling low for a longer period of time.
  3. Severe Depression – This is a very serious case and it can be that you are unable to do anything. You are not able to even step outside your home or worse step outside your bed. This requires urgent medical attention and thus you need to be able to diagnose this situation.

Today we will be dealing with moderate depression. Let’s have a look at what are the basic symptoms of moderate depression –

  1. Regular or prolonged irritation
  2. Prolonged feeling of sadness
  3. Feeling guilty
  4. Loss of interest in activities
  5. Reckless behavior
  6. Insomnia
  7. Lack of appetite
  8. Low productivity
  9. No interest in socializing
  10. Increased sensitiveness
  11. Always crying feeling
  12. Low self esteem
  13. Feeling of being less worthy

Moderate depression is the starting stage of something which can be serious very soon. This has full potential to disrupt your personal and professional life. Your self-esteem can go considerably low and thus your personality can also get deeply affected. Moderate depression is much more serious than mild depression state and thus you can understand them quite before. Make sure that you visit a counsellor or doctor for the same else you can very easily land into the condition of severe depression.

Diagnosis –

Early and timely diagnosis of moderate depression is quite important. Make sure that you get it checked and treated by a doctor medically. You should consider it casually because this can cause serious damage to your personality. Some doctors can prescribe you sertraline or paroxetine. This can take a minimum of six weeks to show it’s effect. Meanwhile you can also try the cognitive theory to help you come out of this state.

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