What you need to know before buying Essential Oils

What you need to know before buying Essential Oils

Essential oils are, well, essential when it comes to aromatherapy and a variety of other pursuits, but buying essential oils isn’t the most simple or straightforward thing that you can go through, especially for those who don’t know much about the process itself. But if you have ever wondered where to get essential oils, well, look no further because today we’ll review what to look for and what you need to know when it comes down to buying essential oils and making them work for you. Here are just a few simple tips to consider and remember when you look for where to get essential oils, as well as during your time researching the oils themselves and figuring out what is of the highest quality for you. Let’s review: Look out for certain terms

First and foremost, it is critical that you look out for certain terms related to essential oils, including “nature identical oil,” “fragrance oil,” or even “perfume oil.” These terms indicate that the oil itself may not be pure or essential, but rather tainted by other ingredients that do more to hurt the concoction than help it over time. Don’t be fooled by these names; you want straightforward, simple essential oils that you can use, instead of bastardized oils with hundreds of different mysterious ingredients.

Glass bottles only, please

Plastic and aluminum bottles are increasingly common for oil manufacturers at the bottom of the barrel, and especially for those who work to ship their oils over manufacturing websites and Amazon to your house from thousands of miles away. It’s understandable that people ship in plastic, of course, but understand that plastic bottles can take away some of the important properties of essential oils and rob you of the virility of the oils themselves. Glass bottles are ideal as a way to keep essential oils safe and useful.

No “grades” come with essential oils

Be very wary of oil companies that purport to produce oils that are “therapeutic grade,” or “aromatherapy grade.” Those terms may mean well, but there is no governing body that grades out essential oils; as such, it is important to realize that these are terms which have become simple marketing ploys, and you may have to pay more for something that just doesn’t deliver. Don’t fall for the scheme when it comes time for you to buy and use essential oils for yourself, or for you to buy them for a loved one or friend.

Essential oils, when done right, are perfect and an ideal way to promote good health and more. But unfortunately, and increasingly, there are many different manufacturers out there that make it different to find top-notch and top quality essential oils. As such, when it comes down to where to get essential oils, it is important to be on top of your game and to understand the nuance of these marketing techniques, so you can buy only high quality oil products for your use!

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