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Doing household chores might help one burn 120-150 calories a day say experts. Here’s how dancer Shakti Mohan is doing her workout

Updated: Apr 07, 2020 19:15 IST

Shakti Mohan’s pochcha workout
Shakti Mohan’s pochcha workout(Photo: Instagran: MohanShakti )

New Delhi

Have you tried the ‘pochcha’ workout yet? Well, many Bollywood stars have been putting up pictures and videos of them working out while doing household chores. Dancer Shakti Mohan showed off her cool moves in a funny insta video while mopping the floor. “I – so – LATE – LATE ke Isolation. Saara ghar ka kaam mujhse karwa rahein hai,” she wrote. While quarantined at home, not a bad idea to try out this novel form of exercise that clubs cleanliness and fitness goals together! “To engage in something that people can be entertained with at this time. To club workout and use my time to do some useful chores at home like cleaning,” says Mohan.


She recommends making a creative move out of your chores is the best way. “Pochcha time – squats and frog walk. Jhadu/dusting- flat back and cleaning utensils – calf raises and balance on one leg,” she adds.

To this fitness expert Kitty Kalra abides by. She says, “In older times obesity was unheard of as people used to keep moving and were on the go even at home as many didn’t have domestic help. Our mothers and grandmothers kept in shape without ever entering the gym, because their household work was their workout.” There are various ways in which you can tone up without going anywhere or doing strenuous workouts. “Taking up small tasks like mopping the floor and washing clothes burns about 50 calories in 15/20 minutes plus helps to tone up the arms, work on abs like crunches and also on thighs & butt as it also acts as a low squat. Washing the dishes and ironing again works on the arm muscles and helps to burn 40 calories in 15 mts. Cooking for 20 minutes would burn around 60 calories and gardening, about 50. Doing a combination of these would easily help one to burn 120-150 calories a day,” adds Kalra.

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