Dengue Food Restriction

Dengue Food Restriction Dengue is one of the common fever that all of us might have suffered from today or tomorrow. Dengue makes your body weak like anything and decreases the immunity system and weakens it ultimately. Also, your blood platelets or what we commonly refer as blood count decreases and that is really harmful […]


NOROVIRUS PREVENTION Noroviruses were called Norwalk-like viruses previously. They are a group of         non-enveloped, single-stranded RNA viruses that cause acute gastroenteritis. Noroviruses belong to the family Caliciviridae which also causes acute gastroenteritis. There are six recognized norovirus genogroups. Three of the genogroups (GI, GII, and GIV) affect humans. More than 25 different genotypes have been […]

Cancer Symptoms

Cancer Symptoms Cancer : what it is? Cancer is one of the most deadly diseases found in humans. It causes maximum number of deaths in mankind. Every year more than 1 million cases of cancer are detected and same is the number of people who die of cancer. Cancer can be detected but sometimes symptoms […]

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer Liver Cancer : Know About it Liver Cancer which is also termed as hepatic cancer. Liver cancer is the 6th most common cancer in the world and 9th highest cancer which causes death in the entire world. This has been observed that highest number of liver cancer cases occur in the countries where […]

Colon Cancer

Colon Cancer Colon Cancer : Know About It Colon cancer is also known as bowel cancer or colorectal cancer. Colon cancer in the simplest terms can be said as development of cancer from the large intestine area. This generally occurs from the colon or rectum area. Colon cancer is ranked as the third leading cancer […]