Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Prostate Cancer : Know About It

Before you begin to understand about the prostate cancer symptoms, you must be able to understand what is prostate and what are the different functions of prostate?

Prostate is actually a very small gland in human body. It is in the size of the walnut. Prostate is situated inside the bladder and it’s other end is in the front of the rectum. The bladder holds urine and expands in size till you are ready to discharge yourself and then the urine passes through the bladder and enters the prostate and through prostate only it enters the rectum and finally goes out. This is the path which is followed also during semen discharge.

Prostate is not imperative to your life but of course it plays a vital role in reproduction. If you don’t have a prostate gland or your prostate gland is faulty then you won’t be reproduce. Prostate increases in size also. it normally grows when you hit your adolescent stage and till your 50s it keeps on growing.Prostate Cancer Symptoms

Now, let’s understand about prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is when the cells in prostate grows rapidly and without any control. Too much growth of prostate cancer causes accumulation which leads to prostate cancer. It is seen in men and mostly men aged above 50 suffer from prostate cancer. Also, prostate cancer is highly hereditary. Thus, if the father has suffered from prostate cancer then even the son would have higher chances of getting infected with prostate cancer. African men when compared to Asian and European men have higher risk of getting infected with prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer can also occur in men who have signs of being overweight. Thus, you must always try to maintain a healthy weight balance. Also, if you consume too much of calcium supplement then you need to immediately stop that. Consuming omega 3 fatty acids like fish is really helpful to prevent the risk of prostate cancer. Reducing stress both in workplace and at home will also help you to get rid of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer : Symptoms

Prostate cancer just like any other forms of cancer can have quite varied symptoms. Also, it is not easy to detect prostate cancer in the earlier stages. Most people don’t experience any worrying or major signs at the early stages and thus it is difficult to diagnose it. Thus, the best way is to get yourself checked when you are at 50 for prostate cancer.

Since prostate is located near the urinary system, thus sometimes there can be some symptoms at the urinary system which are as follows :

  1. Pain while urinating
  2. Irritation sensation while urinating
  3. Quite frequent urination
  4. Reduction in the urine volume
  5. Blood drops in urine

Prostate cancer may also spread to other parts of the body and thus the symptoms can again vary. And those symptoms are as follows :

  1. Blood in your semen
  2. Difficulty in getting a satisfactory erection during intercourse
  3. Sudden swelling in legs
  4. Discomfort feeling in pelvic area
  5. Swelling in pelvic area
  6. Numbness feeling in lower parts of the body
  7. Prolonged and sudden Bone pain
  8. Stiffness in lower parts of the body

Thus, if you feel any of the above symptoms then don’t ignore them. This can be because of prostate cancer. Thus, you need to discuss your symptoms with the doctor and get yourself diagnosed and checked as soon as possible. Also, you should periodically get yourself checked once when you have crossed the age of 50. This will be the safest thing to do at this age.


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