Things You Must Do For Your Hair If You Live in Karachi

Things You Must Do For Your Hair If You Live in Karachi


Like any other metropolitan city, Karachi is a dense city with common problems like air and water pollution, let us not forget the melting heat of summers. All these problems results in hair loss, dull hair and various other scalp disease.
Before going into further details first you should know your hair type:

Kinky HairThings You Must Do For Your Hair If You Live in Karachi

Kinky hair has healthier edges, longer styling time and shorter detangling time but kinky hair seems to look short even after a good length, it takes time to shampoo kinky hair type due to tangling




Wavy Hair

Wavy hair has little curls and they are easy to straight. They are somewhat easy to style and you don’t have to bother about it once you are done with styling.




Straight Hair

Things You Must Do For Your Hair If You Live in Karachi

Usually straight hairs are oily and tough. It grows easily and they are long but it lacks volume which makes it difficult to volume up.


Curly Hair

Obviously they are easy to notice and people with curly hair seems to avoid daily shampooing. Hot weather may be challenging because you have to tie is up otherwise you will end looking like a lion’s mane. Length is one problem for curly hair type because it gets twisted and a hair do can be hassle sometimes.

Now, after knowing your hair type let’s go through few tips to take care of your hair:


Don’t Shampoo Daily

I know most of you will disagree but daily shampooing damages your hair. Rinse your hair instead of shampooing and go for a shampoo once in 2 days.



By not shampooing daily I didn’t mean to leave your hair dirty and end up with a smelly scalp. Karachi usually has a hot weather. Pollution and sweat can lead to itchy scalp so keep in mind to clean your hair daily by rinsing your hair or going for any other alternative.



Saturday or Sunday its oil day! I know we can’t go to office with an oily head so we have weekends to take care of this business. Don’t apply to much oil to your hair for too long because it will block the pores and lead to hair fall. Apply any oil suitable according to your hair type and leave it for 3 – 4 hours then shampoo your hair properly.



Hair conditioners are important for hair and every hair type needs it. It helps to overcome towel damage especially for women. Conditioners also helps in recovering hair damage from shampooing. There are brands providing different conditioners for every hair type, do some research and get yourself one!

Healthy Diet

City life often leads to poor diet and we end up eating junk food and drinking sodas every day. For good hair and body follow a healthy diet plan, drink plenty of water and avoid junk food. There are various online shopping in Pakistan providing organic food for lunch and dinner, so if you are at office you can always order from there instead of going for junk food.

I know, I know – Ain’t nobody got time for that! Living in a big city can be a hassle, so don’t worry there are plenty of online shopping websites in Karachi who delivers hair care products straight to your doorstep, you don’t have to wander in a superstore on holidays.

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