This Bangkok Tea Shop Is Topping Its Drinks With Cute Animal-Shaped Marshmallows


Bubble tea lovers, here’s something that you can add to your foodie bucket-list. A Bangkok tea shop is serving bubble tea topped with animal-shaped marshmallows. In one of the cutest videos doing the rounds of the internet, one can see animals like pigs, bulldogs and rabbits made out of nothing but marshmallows, set atop the drinks.

The Ditto Modern Tea in Bangkok is known for its exquisite range of bubble teas. Bubble tea is a drink hailing from Taiwan, wherein tea of any flavour is topped with ‘pearls’ or ‘bubbles’. These globules are either made with chewy tapioca balls, popping boba, grass jelly, or fruit jelly. The East-Indian beverage has become a rage in the F&B world. After green tea and matcha, bubble tea has been one of the most talked-about beverages from Asia. In India too, you can find bubble tea at so many cafes now. 

Inspired by the animals in his daughter’s bedtime stories, CEO Jonas Naim decided to fashion his bubble tea toppings based on these cutesy characters. The pig marshmallow or Mr. Ditto is one of the most in-demand toppings.  The boba, teas and the marshmallows are all made in-house; you can add marshmallow for an additional 2 dollar.

Restaurants and cafes are trying many innovative ways to make their beverages interesting. After the trend of freak shakes, and selfie cappuccino, it would be interesting to see how this trend picks up among bubble tea lovers.

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