Throat Cancer


Throat Cancer : Introduction

Throat cancer is one of the major type of cancer which occurs in your throat area. It has multiple areas where the cancer can develop. Throat cancer can develop either in your throat which is also known as pharynx or in your voice box which is also known as larynx or in your tonsils.

To have a better view of your throat cancer, you must understand the anatomy of your throat. Throat is actually a muscular tube which is located behind your nose and ears at your neck area. Since your voice box sits below your throat area, thus it is also susceptible to throat cancer. Throat cancer often begins in the flat cells which are located inside your throat area. Throat cancer also has it’s effects on the cartilage which acts as a lid area for your windpipe. Tonsil cancer which is another form of throat cancer affects the tonsils which are located at the back areas of your throat.Throat Cancer

Throat Cancer : Signs and symptoms

Some of the major signs and symptoms of throat cancer are as follows :

  1. Regular dry cough is one of the major sign of throat cancer
  2. Your voice becoming hoarse or you are unable to speak clearly
  3. Difficulty in swallowing food
  4. Constant tingling ear pain
  5. A lump or sore which is not healing
  6. A sore throat
  7. Sudden and unexplained weight loss

Throat Cancer : Time to visit a doctor

Now, since most of the symptoms of throat cancers are quite common, thus you might definitely miss as when to visit your doctor and here where we are going to help you. If you feel any of the above symptoms are continuing for very long and without any unexplained reasons then you must visit the doctor without any delay.

Throat Cancer : CausesThroat Cancer

There is no defined causes of throat cancer. But it is observed that when unhealthy cells or mutations take place in your throat then the risk of throat cancer becomes more. These genetic mutations are actually faulty and they start living a longer life than the healthy cells which normally die in their living span. And the unhealthy cells keeps growing and then gets accumulated and this is how the tumour is formed. 

Throat Cancer : Types

There are several types of throat cancer. Some of which have been identified below –

  1. Nasopharyngeal cancer – it begins in the part of the throat which is located just behind your nose area.
  2. Oropharyngeal cancer – This occurs in the part of the nose which is right behind your nose and that includes nostrils also.
  3. Hypopharyngeal cancer – It is also known as laryngopharyngeal cancer. It occurs in the lower part of your throat which is located just above your esophagus and windpipe.
  4. Glottis cancer – This begins in your vocal cords and then spreads to the entire throat area
  5. Supraglottic cancer – this begins in the upper part of your larynx and includes cancer which affects the epiglottis area. Epiglottis area is the piece of cartilage which blocks food from entering the windpipe.
  6. Subglottic cancer – This occurs in the lower portion of your voice box which is located just below your vocal cords

Throat Cancer : Risk factors

There are several risk factors associated with throat cancer which contributes to the throat cancer.

  1. Tobacco use which includes smoking or chewing tobacco
  2. Excessive alcohol consumption
  3. Sexually transmitted virus which is also known as Human Papillomavirus
  4. Diet which lacks in fruits and green leafy vegetables
  5. Gastroesophegal reflux diseases

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