Each of us has belly fat, even those who are physically thin and those who have flat abs. There’s fat under our skin, and also there’s deeper fat around organs like Heart, Lungs, Liver, and others too. The deeper fat is called Visceral fat, which if increased to higher levels, might cause issues. And that eventually leads to Blood Pressure, Type 2 Diabetes, Heart Diseases, Dementia, Several types of cancers and much more.

So, as you gain too much weight, your body will start storing the fat in certain places. And we all are well aware of effects of obesity. Hence, here are the Top 10 Tips to Lose Belly Fat:

  1. Say No to Sugar-Sweetened Drinks

Glucose is an essential part of being healthy and maintaining the healthy body, but when it comes to sweetened sugar, it is improbable to consume it for good sake of your body. Plenty of sugar-sweetened beverages, fruit juices, high-sugar energy drinks and sports drinks contains higher amounts of such harmful sugar-sweetener.

  1. Consume More Proteins

For losing weight, Protein and Protein-rich foods play a vital role in your healthy diet. Consuming foods which contain proteins helps lowering cravings by 60%, and that leads to losing more calories, each day. High protein foods such as Eggs, Fishes, Sea Foods, Nuts, Legumes, Meat, and some of Dairy Products are healthy.

  1. Cut Carbs from Your Diet

It is straightforward to understand the thing about carbs, i.e., stop eating carbs and your appetite goes down, and you lose weight. Even rather than preferring low-fat diet, the low-carb diet helps losing weight faster and healthily.

  1. Go for Fibers

Amongst varieties of them, Dietary fibers are the most helpful when you want to lose weight, especially the belly fat. For that, you can start eating fresh vegetables and fruits which contains fibers and along with that also consume Legumes, Cereals, etc. items too.

  1. Exercise – Regular Exercise

When you decide to lose weight and also determine to keep continuing, in the beginning – it all works out well. But after a few days, the determination keeps fading away and sometimes you don’t follow the routine of regular exercise. That won’t be good for you. Hence make up your mind and exercise regularly.

  1. Choose Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

There are certain types of exercises which help you losing belly fat efficiently. So choose such activities and keep on performing them on a regular basis. Belly fat loss exercises are Crunches, Side and Twist Crunches, Lunge Twist, Rolling Plank, Bending Side to Side and many more.

  1. Stay Active

Other than your routine work and job or any other regular activities, you need to stay active. With some exciting activities that keep your body active, you are more likely to lose fat. In your spare time, go for Walking, Running, Cycling, Jogging, Swimming, etc. activities which help to keep your body active.

  1. Try Yoga

The more you keep your body active, chances for losing fats are higher. Hence along with other types of exercises and other activities, you can also try Yoga. There are so many types and forms in that too, amongst which you need to choose those Yoga poses which are mainly for helping your body to lose belly fat.

  1. Crunchy Munching

Throughout the day whenever you feel like eating something or even when you crave sweet foods, don’t rush on to it. For such crunchy munching cravings, choose some of the helpful as well as beneficial foods which helps to lose fat, even when you are eating them! Such Polyunsaturated fats foods are Seeds, Nuts. Also, several types of Fishes, cooked in less oil.

  1. Green Tea

After doing all these helpful tips including Exercise, Diet, Being active and much more, if you go on drinking sugary tea/ coffee – it all goes away. You certainly don’t want that, do you? Well, for that too there’s a beneficial way, i.e., Green Tea. It contains catechins which help losing fat, especially Belly Fat.


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