If you’re looking forward to gaining weight, you probably are knowing the fundamental thing about gaining weight, i.e., to increase the calories intake compared to calories burned. But for that, you are supposed to eat certain foods in specific amounts. That way, you can surely gain weight and then achieve desired results to have the body physique, you’ve always been dreaming of!

Undoubtedly, gaining/ losing weight is a long journey and takes a lot of patience for that to work. But just have faith and increase calories intake along with some of the eating habits.

For that, we’re here helping you with Top 10 Tips to Gain Weight. Follow each of the below-mentioned tips throughout your routine and then see yourself, gaining weight.

Top 10 Tips To Gain Weight:

1.    Eat More Meals:

Rather than having three meals per day, go for six meals a day. Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are supposed to be heavy and include three more snacks throughout the day, with healthy food items in each of the bites. Three main meals should have calorie-rich food items, and especially for dinner, it will work quite efficiently to gain weight due to inactive metabolism at night time. So, you’re more likely to gain weight through that.

2.    Consume More Calories Than You Burn:

One of the crucial factors to gain weight is that you should consume more calories as compared to calories you are burning. Only that you, your body will gain more calories and efficiently gain weight. So keep consuming more calories, rather than losing them.

3.    Weight Gaining Exercises:

Most people, with the uncommon belief that – exercises are for those who need to lose weight. There are various types of activities including practices to lost weight as well as exercises to gain weight. Start with Twisting Crunches, Lev Extension, Leg Curls, Arm Curls, Barbell Squats, Shoulder Shrug, Ab Roller, Dumbell Lunges and much more to go.

4.    Add Proteins To Your Diet:

Proteins from healthy food items include Chicken, Eggs, Fish, Meat, Milk, Almonds, etc. will be beneficial to gain weight. Proteins from these protein-rich sources will help you to gain weight in a right way.

5.    Carbs Are Good To Gain Weight:

When you’re planning to gain weight, carbs are going to help you so much more than any other items. This would be the time when you satisfy all your sweet cravings through Rice, Oatmeal, Potatoes and other healthy carbs including Bread, Pasta, and other snacks occasionally.

6.    Sleep Well:

Along with all the healthy eating habits, weight gaining exercises and related diet – sleeping well is also the essential thing. Whenever you have weight gaining plan going on, you minimum require 7 hours of good night sleep. But to let it be even more useful, sleep for about 8-9 hours, it is when you will gain weight faster.

7.    Energy Foods – Spicy Foods – Sauces:

To gain weight, energy food items, spicy foods and along with both of them, sauces will work great. Some of the energy-dense foods include: High Fat Dairy ( Yogurt, Cheese, Cream, Whole Milk), Dried Fruits ( Dates, Raisins etc.), Nuts ( Peanuts, Almonds, Walnuts etc.), Grains (Brown Rice, Whole Grains etc.), Dark Chocolate, Avocados, Peanut Butter, Granola etc.

8.    Eat Lots of Water – But Not Right Before Meal:

Drinking more is going to help you to gain weight, but there’s one thing you need to remember. Throughout the day, drink more water, keep drinking more water. But do not drink water right before a meal. It is because you won’t be able to eat much if you drink more of water.

9.    Make Plates Bigger:

When you’re having a meal/ snack, get your food on the bigger plate, rather than the usual sized. This way you will end up eating more, and will soon gain weight within a few days!

10.    Keep Journal/ App To Keep Track:

As you’re already determined and going to gain weight, you will need to keep a log of all the food items which you’ve ate/ you’re going to eat. You can either keep a journal or also there are numbers of apps available which will allow users to keep track of the food intake as well as also count calories.

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