Top Natural Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Top Natural Home Remedies for Neuropathy

What is Neuropathy?

Medically, neuropathy is known as nerve damage as well as pain which is accompanied with various causes. Several kinds of nerve pain are able to help improve the treatment meanwhile others become worse though.

In fact, neuropathy is commonly triggered by illness, in which some contracting neuropathy are those who suffer from diabetic. Additionally, it is also as a result of some sides effects from particular medicine, chemotherapy or an injury.

Nerve damage can make your nerves misfire as well as transfer pain signals to every where, even there is no need to have pain. Basically, peripheral neuropathy easily causes pain, symptoms of carpal tunnel, numbness feeling, including the feet, fingers, hands when some researchers are creating strides related to the treatment, lots of people still experience pain with medical cure.  Top Natural Home Remedies for Neuropathy

Hence, many penitents are searching for some remedies, especially natural ones which are safe as well as feasible as alternatives to replace pharmaceuticals and then enhance people’s conditional health. Remember that homemade remedies vary ranging from herbal to nutritional ones; however, there remains no guarantee which is successful in every case. Experimenting with lots of natural treatments can be safe and unlikely trigger any side-effects.

Following are top natural home remedies for neuropathy that should be easily used to remove neuropathy symptoms.

  1. Consume More Nuts

Nuts are the first natural remedies for neuropathy which are totally safe and effective. They are a rich source of many nutrients, including vitamin H. This vitamin is considered as biotin that can encourage neuropathy pain symptoms for those who also have diabetes. This kind of food can give vital nutrition, along with fibre to help keep your level of blood glucose under control, hereby preventing your body from nerve damage. You are told to consume five nuts, consisting of walnuts, pecans or almonds every morning.

  1. Manage Stress

Stress is also known as one of the most commonly involved in neuropathy. As you knew already, anxiety and stress affect negatively suffers. Hence, stress should be removed if you want to improve your neuropathy condition. In order to fight against stress, all you need to do is to breathe deeply and better by taking 5 seconds to help breathe in and taking 7 seconds to help it out. The technique is helpful in managing anxiety and easing stress. Apart from that, you should learn how to distract the mind from heavily focusing on your body. By doing so, you can feel more natural.

Another way to deal with stress is feeling free with your hobbies, spending time with your families and friends. If it is not better, acupuncture might be ideal.

  1. Cinnamon

 Another best home remedies for neuropathy is cinnamon since it helps lower the level of glucose that leads to neuropathy. Just simply, you can intake two teaspoons of cinnamon in your regular meals or use its oil for relieve neuropathy effectively. In case you want to use cinnamon supplement, consult your doctor first.

  1. Castor Oil

When you are suffering from neuropathy, don’t forget castor oil. The oil is pungent as well as sweet, along with its amazing health benefit. Since castor oil is loaded with analgestic properties, it can get the nerve tissues restored, meanwhile treating the damaged tissues and nerves. You can massage the hands, feet or limbs with the oil on a daily basis. You should allow it to penetrate into your skin to help nourish the nerves and the tissues.

  1. Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha Lipoic acid is known as a very good fatty acid released from your body cells. Its main function of this acid is to convert glucose into the energy that is used as a major fuel. Besides, it is a need antioxidant to combat with harmful free radicals.

Alpha lipoic acid can be found in some foods, such as broccoli, Brussels sprout, rice bran or potatoes. It also can be seen in some organ meet like liver, heart or kidney.

  1. Avoid Smoking and Drinking

Drinking and smoking are contributing factors to neuropathy symptoms and it is relevant to nerve pain. The best way is to try not to drink and smoke so much. Also, they can leave your body lack of nutrients.

  1. Protect The Skin and Feet

When it comes to neuropathy, you should remember that foot care and skin care are considered as vital parts of curing and then preventing neuropathy. You should notice the signs of nerve damage that affects your legs, hands, feet and skin. Be careful with some kinds of injury like ulcers, sores and blisters.

You can wash the skin, toenails or feet on a daily basis where the bacteria  and moisture can develop and easily cause infections.

At the same time, putting on socks, clothing and keep your skin away from hot temperatures.

If you get swelling, infection or redness, you need to see your doctor right away.



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