Traditional Favourites Get A Contemporary Makeover At Punjab Grills New Winter Menu

Multiple exciting additions across starters, main course, make the new menu splendid

Punjab Grill has made its mark among food enthusiasts for its decadent North Indian offerings. However, with its new menu, Punjab Grill, Khan Market is broadening its horizons by borrowing influences from across India and the world. In addition to Punjab, you’ll also find bits of Kashmir, Bengal, Kerala and Europe in the menu. We were told by Chef Parul that the mish-mash has struck a nice chord with the international clientele at Punjab Grill, Khan Market, but we were also assured that the original local flavours are not tampered with. Multiple exciting additions across starters, main course, and breads make the new menu splendidly rich and diverse. Of course, they do retain their hot-sellers like Dal Punjab Grill and Murgh Makkhanwala. The highlights of the menu have to be the mighty Maharaja Thali that allows you to dine like a true king and ‘Shikaar’, the game preparation.

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We started out with the Tiger tawa prawn, served with moilee sauce and sweet tomato jam; the excellent harmony of flavours are impressive. Next, we tried the sigri-kukkad; the smoky chicken preparation was juicy and well-cooked but had a peculiar salty after-taste that may peeve some. The tandoori guchchi was on our plate next. The nutty, creamy and aromatic mushroom starter is a must-try. Punjab Grill, Khan Market has also introduced a set of stuffed kulchas. Stuffed kulcha is an Amritsari delicacy that is given a contemporary spin here. We tried the Kashmiri rajma and Kaladi cheese-stuffed kulcha that was served with tomato jam, white butter and chutney. It is wholesome and makes for an interesting mix.

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For our mains, we chose to be a little adventurous and tried the ‘Shikaar’ of the day. Inspired by the royal game hunts of yore, the ‘Shikaar’ at Punjab Grill tries to encapsulate elements of these special preparations. These game birds were usually cooked underground in a special spice-mix.  The ‘Shikaar’ we tried was a roasted duck that was served with Bengal’s special Gobindobhog rice and gravy. You get only two pieces of meat here, but with the sticky Gobindobhog rice, the meal in itself feels pretty wholesome and worth the money.

We obviously, could not have left Punjab Grill without some of its signature preparations, so on our table was the rich and luscious Dal Punjab Grill that we paired with some butter naans. We also tried the robust rarha lamb, made with minced mutton and mutton shanks. We concluded our meal with lip-smacking rasmalai, kulfi faldooda and cheesecake.


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