Want to lead a stress-free life with family? Here’s what a yoga expert suggests you do

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Published: June 21, 2020 4:00:57 pm

yoga for mental health and physical well-being, yoga asanas for the entire family, yoga for stress and anxiety, International Yoga Day, Ira Trivedi, indian express, indian express news Engaging in yoga every day can help people a lot, because it connects the body and the breath, says Ira Trivedi. (Source: Getty/Thinkstock)

It is difficult to think overall health and well-being of a person, without thinking about yoga. For long now, doctors and health experts have been advising that yoga me made a part of daily life, so that people get a good immunity boost and stay in the pink of health, both mentally and physically. With the world in lockdown, now is the time when people can actively take part in activities that can help them allay their stress and anxiety. On International Yoga Day, therefore, we asked an expert on how families can do simple yoga asanas together and stay healthy; find out what they said.

“Engaging in yoga every day can help people a lot, because it connects the body and the breath. If the body and the breath are in sync, then automatically, your thinking becomes more clear. And when it does, your decision-making becomes better, your vision is better, and you are more inspired and motivated. Yoga definitely builds mental strength; as we discipline our bodies, we continue to discipline our mind. Keep in mind that if your body does not feel good, then it becomes difficult to feel good in the mind,” says author, columnist and yoga instructor Ira Trivedi.

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Asanas to alleviate anxiety

Trivedi suggests while there are many asanas that can help, a daily practise of pranayam — even for just five to seven minutes a day — can really do wonders. “I think everyone should incorporate this in their lives. Especially with coronavirus around the corner. Pranayam improves our respiratory system.”

Some easy asanas which the entire family can do together

“Something as simple as a tree pose — it is a very simple and a favourite asana of many people. Everyone can do it, from a senior citizen to a child. And of course, shavasana, or the corpse pose is also something that everyone can do. Another one, which kids like a lot, is the dhanurasana or the bow pose, which has got some beautiful benefits for adults, for their abdominal organs.

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“If you are in the habit of going for a walk, try incorporating three asanas in it. But, if you have no physical practice at all, then I would suggest just try and do surya namaskars daily, as soon as you wake up. It can be incredibly helpful, and can make the body and the mind feel so much better,” Trivedi explains.

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