Weight Loss: Exercising Before Breakfast May Burn More Fat

A healthy diet and active workout routine work in tandem to bring about effective weight loss. Both the methods of weight loss are equally important to achieve long-term fitness goals. We all know that we are supposed to eat healthy, low-fat foods on a weight loss diet and also exercise regularly. But ‘when’ we eat and exercise also plays a significant role. Yes, how we time our eating and workout routine makes a world of difference in our fitness journey. So, it’s important to chart out a proper schedule for the same. Starting with, exercise in the morning before breakfast for better results.

A recently conducted study claims that exercising after long hours of fasting in the morning, may burn more calories than exercising later in the day. The researchers conducted the experiment on 30 overweight men and realised that when the participants exercised before breakfast, they burned twice the amount of fat as compared to exercising at other times of the day. The team also discovered that working out on an empty stomach made the body more responsive to insulin, thereby, reducing the risk of diabetes and also heart illnesses.

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If you are going to embark on this new routine of exercising before breakfast, there are some tips to keep in mind for healthy weight loss –

Use the fours R’s of recovery – rehydrate, replenish, repair and reinforce.

Eat carbs and high-quality protein in the ratio of 4:1 within 15-20 minutes of workout.

Include foods like fruits, low-fat Greek yogurt, trail mix, bananas, and peanut butter in your morning diet.

Make smart choices to lose weight in a healthy way. Shift your workout timing to early morning and see the difference for yourself.

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