What is postnatal exercise (Exercise after delivery)

Exercise after delivery

What is postnatal exercise (Exercise after delivery)

A series of physical exercise that are performed by the mother to bring about optimal functioning of all system and these exercise prevent complication after  delivery


  1. Exercise reducer weight
  2. Help to relieve stress
  3. Prevent depression after delivery
  4. Restore mucular activities
  5. Improve sense of wellbeing
  6. Strengthen the abdominal muscle
  7. Prevent backache
  8. Reduce the chances of disease e.g Heart disease, high blood pressure, Diabetes, cancer.

Exercise after delivery

Right way to do exercise

  • Wear loose clothes during exercise
  • Never do exercise on full stomach
  • Never do exercise alone
  • Start with light exercise.

When we can start exercise

When we can start exercise

Postnatal exercise should be start as soon as possible or when women feel comfortable. Women can also talk with doctor about start exercise

Principal of exercise

  • Exercise should be done for 30 mints per day.
  • Start exercise from mild to moderate.

Type of exercise

Abdominal exercise

Abdominal exercise

  Abdominal breathing exercise

  • This exercise done for strengthen abdominal muscle
  • Assume a supine position with knee bent.
  • Take a deep breath
  • Inhale through the nose, keep the rib cage as stationary as possible and allow the abdomen to expand and then contract the abdominal muscle as she exhales slowly through the mouth.
  • Instruct her to place one hand on the chest and second hand place on abdomen when inhaling. The hand should raise which is place on abdomen and second hand on the chest should remain stationary
  • Repeat this exercise five time

 Head lift

  • Ask mother lie supine position with knee bent and arms out strected at her
  • Ask mother to inhale deeply at first and then exhale while lifting the head slowly, to hold the position for a few seconds and relax

Head and shoulders raising exercise

  • Lie flat without pillow and raise head until the chin touches the chest
  • Raise both head and shoulders off the bed and lower them slowly
  • Gradually increase the number of repetitions untill she is able to do this for 10 times

Leg exercises

  • This exercise begun on the 7th day after delivery
  • Lying down on the floor with no Pilllow under head
  • Point toe and slowly raise one leg keeping the knee straight
  • Lower the leg slowly


Knee rolling exercise

 This exercise has done for strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles.

  • Lie flat on her back with knee bent and feet flat on the floor or bed
  • Keep the shoulder and feet stationary and roll the knee to side to touch first one side of the bed, then the other
  • Maintain a smooth motion as the exercise is repeated five times
  • Later as flexibility increase the exercise can be carried by the rolling of one knee only( the mother rolls her left knee to touch the right side of the bed , return to center and rolls the right knee to touch the left side of the bed.)

Pelvic floor exercise

  • Women can sit, stand or half lie with legs slightly apart, close and draw up around the anal passage as through preventing a bowel action, then repeat for front passage as if to stop the flow of urine in midstream
  • Hold contraction for 10 second
  • Repeat this exercise 10 time
  • Countinously do this exercise for 2 to 3 months


Hip hitching

  • Lie on her back with one knee bend and the other knee straight.
  • Slide the heel of the straight leg downwards thus lengthening the leg.
  • Shorten the same leg by drawing the hip up towards the ribs on the same.
  • Repeat up to 10 times keeping the abdominal pulled in.
  • Change to the opposite side and repeat.