Winter Skin Care Tips Home Remedies

Winter Skin Care Tips Home Remedies

Winter is quite harsh on our skin. It can cause quite harmful effects on your skin. Thus, how you can keep your skin in the best shape is to take proper and timely care of the same. And of course in the market you can get loads of stuffs like moisturisers and lotions and body butters but they are costly and can harm your skin with the chemicals in it.

Thus, you can trust on the secret treasures in your kitchen which will take care of your skin in winters.  Let’s have a look at some of the easy peasy winter skin care tips home remedies which will help you immensely and benefit your skin in this winter –

  1. Use Ghee – Ghee can be the perfect moisturiser for your skin. It will help to retain elasticity in your skin and will also take care of your skin beautifully. You can apply ghee directly on your skin or you can also apply it on the lips as an overnight treatment to soften your lips. And thus this can be one of the best winter sin care tips home remedies for every girl.
  2. Use Wax – In winters you might have seen that your heels are all cracked up and in worst cases you can see blood also on your heels. Thus, what you can do is that use molten wax on your cracked heels. They are highly moisturising and will keep your heels in good shape. You can apply molten wax as an overnight treatment and then you can wear your socks the entire night for best results.
  3. Use Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is you’re another best friend for your skin in winters. It is not that sticky and it has anti fungal properties. Thus, if your skin suffers from any infections or bacterial attacks then coconut oil will heal it. This also can be applied as an overnight treatment as it might make your skin greasy and oil at day time. Try this easy peasy winter skin care tips home remedies.
  4. Use Olive Oil – Olive oil is one of the lightest oil and it gives you beautiful dewy skin in winters. Thus, what you can do is that use olive oil with your night cream. Mix both of them together in your palms and then apply it all over your face.
  5. Use Castor Oil – Castor oil is one of the best hair oil for your hair. It will keep your tresses in shape and they will not turn grey and eventually the hair fall will also reduce. Moreover, castor oil will also work to make your hair thicker and denser.
  6. Milk – If you are looking for some face cleansing methods in winter then you have milk easily available at your house. There is nothing better than milk for your skin. It will not only take away the dirt but also make it soft and prevent it from getting dried up in winters.
  7. Lukewarm Water – Lukewarm water is extremely beneficial for your skin and hair both. It opens up the pores and increases the blood circulation and thus it will keep your skin glowing also in the long run. Thus, using lukewarm water can be one of the best winter skin care tips home remedies.
  8. Hydrate Yourself – And last but not the least one of the most important winter skin care home remedies. Keep yourself hydrated in winters. Many of you might think that only in summers you need to keep yourself hydrated but no you are wrong. Hydration for the skin is equally important in winters.

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