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Has the coronavirus induced work from home policy left you with a bad back and neck ache? With the absence of your streamlined desktop, comfortable chairs and lunchtime walks, you might find yourself a little stiff. All you need is some stretches in between.

Mickey Mehta, global holistic health guru and corporate life coach says, “We are a part of proper sacred geometry. Although our bodies are clear cut separate, we have invisible connections through the electromagnetic energy field and pulse. So when we do stretches and postures, we align ourselves with energies to be absorbed to be balanced for equilibrium and also for negative discharges. Toxins can be breathed out and positivity can be breathed in.”

Mehta shares seven stretches one can do in between work from home during quarantine. He adds, “If you do these exercises every day then your flexibility, lung power and blood circulation will improve. It will also help you stay single-focused in your work.”

1.Take your hands behind your lower back. Support the lower lumbar region properly with the back of your palms. Take a deep breathe, stretch behind while your feet are shoulder length.Deep breath out and slowly come down as you suck your stomach in. Keep your knees soft and bend them and come down completely, just like you would sit in the toilet. This would become a perfect mahabun, a vertical access stretch. Once again breathe in and stretch your spine backwards. Breathe out and come down. Do this around ten times.

2. Spread your legs double the distance of your shoulders (65 degrees). Move both your hands on your right and pivot on the ball of your left foot. Breathe out and take it to the extreme right. Now take a deep breath in and move to the extreme left. When you do that you have to pivot on the ball of your right foot. Keep doing this for 12 to 15 times. This is a horizontal stretch.

3. Sitting on a chair, move your butt out. Hold the handle of a chair and push your butt upwards in a chakrasan, pushing the chair down with your shoulders. This is a table stretch which is very good for the stability of your spine, mind, chore and strength in your body.

4. Keep your hands besides you. Move your right hands upwards towards your left. Stretch your left waist. Then change alternate. Keep breathing in and out and keep changing.

5.Interlace your fingers and move your hands upwards above your head. Raise your heels and stand in tadasan – palm tree position. Suck your buttocks in tight. Stretch your armpits as much as possible. Take a deep breathe. Breathe out and relax and hands down. Breathe in and up, breathe out and relax.

6. Get into a serpentine’s position –Bhujangasana. Get onto the ground, chest to the floor. Deep breathe in and come up slowly, eyes rolled up and hold this position on the strength of your shoulders. Make sure your navels go up a little bit and even your pelvic bones are higher up not touching the ground. Contract your lower back and stretch the upper spine. Then come down.

7. Lie down on the floor on your back with hands behind. Make your knees come up and hug yourself tightly and roll. Keep breathing in and out. This is stretching your spine and contracting your stomach.

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